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MELT (Monitoring the Environment, Learning for Tomorrow) project FAQs

Project comprises two main sections, each can be followed independently: Carbon Footprint and Earth Observation.

  • Carbon calculator allows students to audit their school to calculate their carbon footprint. This forms the baseline data for researching activities to reduce the carbon footprint of the school.
  • Earth Observation aspect allows students to engage with scientists and researchers in the analysis of Sentinel-1 data.
  • Students analyse images identifying glaciological features and iceberg calving episodes. Information is fed back to scientists at the Centre for Polar Observation and Monitoring.

Students can bring the two halves of the project together as they consider how human behaviour can impact the climate. This year we have expanded it to include working with the OU on their Tree survey More info is available in the MELT Project Getting started 2019-19 document available at the MELT Portal (see next FAQ)

Data is available via our secure data server. Once you have returned your signed agreement you are issued with a log in. This is for the use of the whole school and so can be shared with other teachers and students. Navigate from the landing page to the “MELT Portal”. Here you will be able to access resources and find further instructions. The MELT Project-Getting Started 2018-19 is an excellent place to start.

Data images are available from the Centre for Polar Observation and Modelling Data Portal

The QGIS software (2.4.0-Chugiak version) is used for analysis and will need to be downloaded to local machines. It is available here. A video illustrating how to download, install and use the software is available on the MELT portal under General resources

Access the “MELT Portal” via the data server. Navigate to the MELT 101 folder. Work through the activity with students or let them work through it on their own. This will help them understand the processes and software being used.

Visit the CPOM site and select images to analyse. A video illustrating how to download images is available on the MELT portal under General resources

You can upload these via the secure data server. Navigate to the “MELT Portal” and select the name of the glacier you have been working on and follow the upload instructions.

A guide to the carbon calculator is available for download from the “MELT Portal” on the data server. Follow the guidance in facilitating the students in gathering the relevant information for the online calculator, which can be viewed here.

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