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Genome Decoders project FAQs

A collaboration with the Wellcome Sanger Institute, Wormbase and European BioInformatics Institute, this project focusses on the annotation of the Human Whipworm. This parasite is a major cause of one the worst Neglected Tropical Diseases, affecting millions of people in a large number of countries, especially children. It can prevent children from going to school, essentially trapping them in a poverty cycle that only supports the ongoing threat if illness and possible death from the effects.

Students use the same software as the scientists at the Sanger to investigate and annotate the genes. This is the first end to end mapping of a whipworm and could lead to the develop of vaccines to eradicate or manage the impact. All the students participating will be credited on the paper to be written at the end of the analysis.

This is genuinely a world first, never been done before and would not be possible if it were not for the collaboration with students.

The main biology topics that the project links to are genetics and parasites.

You can watch an introduction to the project on our YouTube channel.

An introduction to the project can be downloaded from our documents section. All other project resources will be issued directly to the school.

No, this project involves data analysis using an online system.

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