TimPix 101


Welcome to TimPix 101 - the first introductory exercise for CERN@school's TimPix project. You're now ready to start exploring some real data collected from one of the Timepix particle detectors on the International Space Station (ISS). You can find out more about the science of the TimPix project in the research guide , but this page is dedicated to getting you started with the data. Good luck!


the research guide

about the research guide

teacher workshop slides

The TimPix 101 exercise

The aim of this introductory exercise is:

The data set itself is provided in the form of a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file that can be opened, viewed and analysed in standard spreadsheet software. It represents a single orbit of the ISS during Tim Peake’s Principia mission.


download the data set

Analysing the data

You can analyse the data using spreadsheet software or, if you prefer, some simple code. Some things to think about when looking at the data:

Next steps

Once you have found the location of the peak in the radiation. Send your results along with a description of how you found it to submission@researchinschools.org.uk or use our submission form:

Getting Started

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