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School students: Real science

We give young people access to the world of real, authentic, cutting-edge science by bringing university and industrial experts and kit into school laboratories.

Raise STEM aspirations

Our students tell us that doing authentic research gives them the insight and to pursue a career in their preferred science, technology, engineering or mathematics area.

Enrich teachers’ careers

We work with teaching colleagues to develop their research interests, benefitting their students whilst boosting their own personal career development, reigniting excitement and passion for their academic subject.

"It's like playing at being NASA or the European Space Agency, but they're not playing. They're doing the real thing."

Professor Lawrence Pinsky, NASA and CERN collaborator

A change is coming

Our vision: a transformation of the student and teacher experience of science. Being involved in real science inspires young people and is the best professional development for teachers.

Thanks to ever more powerful technology, today's school students can access top level scientific data, collaborate with scientists around the globe, process information at lightning speed and develop innovative experimental ideas. They can put an experiment in space and contribute to scientific discovery. IRIS helps students and their teachers do this.

From our work to-date, we find when sixth form students take part in research, greater numbers go on to study science at university and take up careers in science and engineering.

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