One of our collaborators on the Genome Decoders project Dr. Maria Duque is currently spending some time in Colombia working with a primary school. You can hear from her on our YouTube channel speaking at the launch event for the Genome Decoders project of the devastating effect the Human Whipworm has in her native Colombia.

She has just launched a website which will be regularly updated with what she is doing. In three weeks’ time, Maria will be carrying out a de-worming and public engagement programme in a town in the Caribbean coast of Colombia where there is a prevalence of 50% of whipworm infections.

Throughout the project Maria will be tweeting using #wormhunters and from the @wormhunters handle. We would encourage you to visit the website and engage on social media.

This highlights just how much of a contribution students participating in the Genome Decoders project are making.


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