The Institute for Research in Schools was registered with the Charity Commission 2nd December 2015, with the Official Launch 3rd March 2016 at the Science Museum, London. The idea at the core of the Institute’s work, that authentic scientific research could be successfully undertaken by school students, came about because of pioneering work undertaken at a single school in Kent, the Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys by the IRIS Director, Professor Becky Parker, who was at that time the Head of Physics at the school and the IRIS Chair, Professor Steven Rose, who was the Head of Plasma Physics at Imperial College in London. They started a number of successful university-level physics research projects at the school in the mid to late 2000s. This broadened quickly to cover other subjects and the positive effects that undertaking these projects had on the school students was so apparent that Becky and Steve, together with the School Headteacher Dr Matthew Baxter (one of the original IRIS trustees), made attempts to encourage other schools to undertake the approach. It was with the support provided by Humphrey Battcock (an IRIS trustee) that IRIS could be formed and authentic research in schools is now being undertaken across the country.

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Those of you who attended the launch will remember Dr. Maria Duque and her presentation of the devastating effect of the Human Whipworm in her native Colombia.

Maria has launched a new website that will document her work in Colombia working with a primary School. The website launched today and will be regularly updated. In three weeks’ time, Maria will be carrying out a deworming and public engagement programme in a town in the Caribbean coast of Colombia where there is a prevalence of 50% of whipworm infections.

Throughout the project Maria will be tweeting using the #wormhunters. Please encourage your students to visit the website and keep abreast of her visit, and get a feel for just how much of a contribution they are making in working on this project. It would be great if you could promote the website and tweets to all your students and your wider network so they can see some of the frontline work that is taking place.

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