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Available for the first time ever for school students- technology that will amaze. Using some mind-bending maths, Vertigo gives you the ability to measure the position of a moving object in a way you will not have experienced before. Not unless you work for NASA… perhaps!

Introducing project

Combining accelerometer, gyroscope and GPS data, Vertigo can tell you exactly where it has been and exactly how it’s been moving.

Utilising ARM’s mBed microprocessor, Vertigo samples data at 100Hz to give hi-fidelity positioning for almost any moving object you might like to investigate.

Working inside or out, there are so many uses for a position and orientation logger like this.

Investigate how things are really moving and use your new-found knowledge to Engineer an improvement. Perhaps only slightly, make the world work that little bit better.

Record some data to improve sports performance.

Big gains come through lots of tiny steps. Maybe Beth Tweddle would like to know your analysis of her performance?

Or take some data where it has never been taken before!

Stuck for ideas? Try these:
Find out exactly what happens to you on your favourite theme park ride.

Vertigo fits to any GoPro mount. Strap one to your arm and away you go! Storing data locally on a micro sd card, and with a small battery, Vertigo gives you enough freedom to enjoy your day out ready for further fun reproducing the twists and turns at home on your pc.

Investigate model rocket flight in detail.

Place Vertigo in the payload of a model rocket – Has that ever been done before? Vertigo’s lightweight and small size make it ideal for hobbyists’ flying objects.

If you’re stuck for a grand idea, you can still use it in your school laboratory. Here is some analysis of Vertigo spinning around on a horizontal bike wheel.

To find out more about using a Vertigo unit

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If you are interested in borrowing a unit for you own project please email us with VERTIGO in the subject line.

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