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TFL 101

Real research, real data, real discoveries – Inspiring stuff!

Did you know 24 million journeys happen every single day on the Transport for London (TfL) network. Every journey matters to us, and it is our Analytics Team who working with leading universities across the world, including MIT and Imperial College, make sense of that data to help us make these journeys better.

With such Big Data, for example we have the most contactless payments of any retailer in Europe, there is so much more to be discovered and that is why we have linked to the Institute of Research in Schools (IRIS) to bring real life data and research into the classroom to enable the students themselves to make discoveries no-one has before.

With the aims of inspiring more students, raising STEM aspirations and enriching the careers of teachers, IRIS have already linked school students to work with CERN data and Tim Peak on the International Space Station.

To register your interest please join in or email info@researchinschools.org

Why Transport for London?

By discovering how we innovate, invest and maintain our transport network, you gain real-world examples to enthuse your students in the classroom using London’s transport system. What better way to inspire your students than by exploring something they use every day?

A bit about Transport for London

Our goal is to keep London working and growing and make life in London better. We will deliver a transport system that secures London’s position as a world-leading city and the engine of the UK economy. Our services will ensure that those who live, work in, and visit London, can access all the capital has to offer in terms of jobs, leisure, health and education.

Did you know….

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