Academic research

10 salient practices for mentoring student research in schools:
new opportunities for teacher professional development

October 2019


This paper proposes ten salient practices of research mentoring activity in high school settings for teachers and technicians based upon survey and interview findings from 96 English and Scottish high school teachers from STEM disciplines, working in research collaborations with scientists. Mentoring high school research provides career development, with teachers identifying new aspects to their professional roles including ‘teacher researcher’, ‘teacher scientist’ and ‘teacher mentor’. This study suggests the potential for using the ten salient practices to initiate individual teacher reflection and wider professional development, and, a way of framing and disseminating effective practice across the school sector.



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Walkington, H., & Rushton, E. A. (2019). Ten Salient Practices for Mentoring Student Research in Schools: New Opportunities for Teacher Professional Development. Higher Education Studies9(4), 133-147.