The Institute for Research in Schools is a charity registered in England and Wales. The Board of Trustees is legally responsible for all the activities that the organisation undertakes and budgetary decisions.


The charity is governed by our board of trustees, who meet three times annually. The charity is led by the director and run by the project team.


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Safeguarding policy
January 2023

We take safeguarding seriously. Our policy outlines the steps we take to protect our students against harm.


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Anti-bribery policy
January 2016

Our policy ensures individuals within IRIS comply with all applicable anti-bribery and corruption regulations, and to ensure that the Charity’s business is conducted in a socially responsible manner.

Gifts & hospitality

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Gifts and hospitality policy
May 2020

Our policy clarifies our rules around IRIS employees and trustees offering and accepting gifts and hospitality.

Research conduct

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Research conduct policy
February 2015

Building on growing national and international experience, our policy sets our approach to the establishment and maintenance of good research conduct, and specifies IRIS’ expecations.