Greener Fragrances

Let your students experience the creativity of scientific research.


They’ll explore innovative chemistry and discover how it can contribute to better world.

Project timeline

Ionic Liquids follows IRIS’ 4 phased project structure:


4Weeks timeframe

Preparation & launch: Teachers prepare and launch the project, using our helpful guidance documents.

6Weeks timeframe

Background research & skills development: With access to our support materials, students develop the knowledge and skills required to successfully complete research.

18Weeks timeframe

Student research: Young scientists systematically investigate, explore, discover, analyse and establish their conclusions.

9Weeks timeframe

Artefact development and conference: Students produce an article, academic poster presentation or academic paper, based on their research process and/or findings with the aim of exhibiting at IRIS’ conference.


This project is for UK state schools and colleges. It’s free and fully supported by our team. If you are a teacher and would like to start this project at your school, click the join button at the top right.


Skill level
Moderate /
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Project partners

Chemistry plays an important role in improving industrial processes to make them more sustainable and reduce their impact on the environment. Today’s researchers are turning their attention to ionic liquids and how specialist chemicals could help revolutionise the industrial process, including the manufacturing of scents for aftershaves and shampoos to the flavouring for your favourite milkshake.


Gosia Swadzba-Kwasny, Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at Queen’s University Belfast and Director of the Quill Research Centre, the oldest and most established centre dedicated to studying ionic liquids, says it is an exciting time for young people to get involved in this field of study.


“We want to inspire young people from all backgrounds and show them how interesting and exciting chemistry can be when applied to real-life problems. Equally, we want them to see that they can be part of it all,” says Gosia.


Gosia developed the Ionic Liquids: Towards Greener Fragrances project to provide young people with a different perspective of chemistry, allowing them to experience the creativity of scientific research and learn how it relates to the real world. The project has the winning combination of being within an emerging scientific field and accessible to students who have a real passion for higher level chemistry.


Students gain hands-on research experience, which allows them to utilise reactions studied at A-level, develop practical skills and gain insight into the research profession.

Amazing project. It really cemented my drive to pursue chemistry as a career.

Year 13 studentOur Lady’s Grammar School