Publishing findings and outcomes is an important part of the research process. We strongly encourage students to produce an academic paper or poster as part of their IRIS project. The following papers by students have been published in peer-reviewed journals. 

An investigation into how the widening of two crevasses in Pine Island Glacier led to the calving of the B-49 icebergJennifer Thomas, University of PlymouthPublished April 2022
First results: LUCID-Timepix spacecraft payload onboard the TechDemoSat-1 satellite in Low Earth OrbitFurnell, Shenoy, Fox & HatfieldPublished March 2019
IRIS opens pupils’ eyes to real space researchHatfield, Furnell, Shenoy, Fox, Parker, Thomas & RushtonPublished February 2019
Simulation and analysis of the LUCID experiment in the Low Earth Orbit radiation environmentWhyntie & HarrisonPublished June 2014