Through these articles, we intend to contribute to the understanding of how young people experience STEM education. Our hope is to better support talent and break down the barriers that impact underrepresented young people in STEM.


Evaluating the impact of project-based learning in supporting students with the A-Level chemistry curriculum in Northern IrelandMcLaughlin, Amir, Garrido, Turnbull, Rouncefield-Swales, Swadźba-Kwaśny, and MorganPublished 2024
Investigative school research projects in biology: Effects on studentsWilton Lodge, Michael Reiss and Richard SheldrakePublished 2024
Investigative research projects for students in science: The state of the field and a research agendaMichael Reiss, Richard Sheldrake and Wilton LodgePublished 2023
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Science education and teacher professional development: Combining learning with researchElizabeth RushtonPublished 2021
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From science teacher to ‘teacher scientist’: Exploring the experiences of research-active science teachers in the UKElizabeth Rushton and Michael ReissPublished 2019
Ten salient practices for mentoring student research in schools: New opportunities for teacher professional developmentHelen Walkington and Elizabeth RushtonPublished 2019
Transforming education with the Timepix detector – Ten years of CERN@schoolBecky Parker, Laura Thomas, Elizabeth Rushton and Peter HatfieldPublished 2019
Empowering young people through co-created scientific researchBecky Parker and Elizabeth RushtonPublished 2019
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Students becoming researchersLynda Dunlop, Kerry Knox, Judith Bennett, Michael Reiss and Rebecca Torrance-JenkinsPublished 2019
Increasing environmental action through climate change education programmes that enable school students, teachers and technicians to contribute to genuine scientific researchElizabeth RushtonPublished in 2019
Promoting young people’s participation and attainment in STEM and reigniting teacher’s passion for science educationBecky Parker, Ellie Fox and Elizabeth RushtonPublished 2018
IRIS – extending young peoples’ participation and attainment in STEM and promoting teachers and students as vital members of STEM research communitiesBecky Parker, Ellie Fox and Elizabeth RushtonPublished 2018
Who inspired my thinking? – Young people, and teachers who encourage their creative thinkingBecky ParkerPublished 2018
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Real science, real classroomsBecky ParkerPublished 2017
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Young researchers: Reflections from Wellcome on the impact of doing research projectsJohn Holman, Matthew Hickman, Hilary LeeversPublished 2016