Explore our past research projects. See how the world of research can stretch students’ knowledge across science, technology, engineering and maths.




Well World

Can biodiversity make us happier? Young researchers from Kent set their peers off on outdoor walks in their quest to find out.

Higgs Hunters

Budding physicists joined the international hunt for Baby Higgs. As part of the search to extend the frontier of physics, many uncovered the joy of scientific exploration.


Armed with state-of-the-art technology, students marvelled over radiation in the most common and surprising of places. Their innovative approaches were applauded by CERN scientists.


Students analyse data from the International Space Station to help scientists understand the impact of radiation on astronauts.


Student researchers engaged in mind-bending mathematics to follow their curiosities in this unconventional study of movement.

Amazing Atmospheres

Students study the levels of atmospheric gases in their community and analyse their impact on people’s health.