• STEMResearch & Innovation FrameworkINTRODUCINGOur plan to help schools capture the imagination and talent of the next generation of scientistsREAD MORE
  • ARE YOU APioneer?COSMIC MININGExplore the stars to help astronomers find potential targets for the James Webb Space Telescope. READ MORE
  • ARE YOU ANInventor?IONIC LIQUIDSUnleash your creativity within this emerging scientific field.READ MORE
  • ARE YOU ANInnovator?DNA ORIGAMIInvestigate DNA as a building material. Discover its molecular structure lends itself to much more than just biological code.READ MORE
  • ARE YOU ATrend spotter?BIG DATA: COVID-19Learn the art of data science by delving into global Covid-19 data.READ MORE
  • ARE YOU ATrailblazer?ORIGINAL RESEARCHChart a new course. Uncover an answer that has yet to be found through original research.READ MORE
  • ARE YOU ACollaborator?TREEZILLATake part in an ambitious project to map all of Britain’s trees.READ MORE
  • ARE YOU ANExplorer?EARTH OBSERVATIONDelve deeper into the Earth’s surface to uncover its changing landscape.READ MORE
  • ARE YOU AGame changer?CARBON RESEARCHERSQuantify your school’s carbon footprint and devise a plan to reduce it.READ MORE

The Institute for Research in Schools (IRIS) develops opportunities for secondary students and post-16s from all backgrounds to participate in authentic research in school and make valuable, recognised contributions to the scientific community.