• ARE YOU ANInnovator?ORIGINAL RESEARCHChart a new course. Uncover an answer that has yet to be found through original research.READ MORE
  • ARE YOU ANExplorer?EARTH OBSERVATIONDelve deeper into the Earth’s surface to uncover its changing landscape.READ MORE
  • ARE YOU APioneer?COSMIC MININGExplore the stars to help astronomers find potential targets for the James Webb Telescope. READ MORE
  • ARE YOU ACollaborator?TREEZILLATake part in an ambitious project to map all of Britain’s trees.READ MORE
  • ARE YOU ANInventor?IONIC LIQUIDSUnleash your creativity within this emerging scientific field.READ MORE
  • ARE YOU AGame changer?CARBON RESEARCHERSQuantify your school’s carbon footprint and devise a plan to reduce it.READ MORE

The Institute for Research in Schools (IRIS) develops opportunities for secondary students and post 16s from all backgrounds to participate in authentic research in school and make valuable, recognised contributions to the scientific community.