Publishing findings and outcomes is an important part of the research process. Take a look at these research posters produced by IRIS students. 

Title: Can seaweed provide a sustainable fishing net alternative to traditional plastic nets?

School: Camborne Science & International Academy

Students: Faith, Freya, Jess & Ethan



Title: Big Data: Covid – The effect of new daily Covid cases on recreational mobility
School: Dartford Grammar School

Students: Elani, Zainab, Aniekan & Adeleke



Title: How UK and New Zealand approaches to lockdown affected the number of Covid deaths

School: Derby College

Students: Alyssa, Jan, Faith & Musaab



Title: Applications of the XGBoost machine learning algorithm in particle physics

School: King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys 

Students: Sasan, Shizhe, Joel, Pruthvi & William



Title: Sour Fig – An exploration of the invasive species on the Isle of Guernsey

School: The Ladies’ College, Guernsey

Students: Molly, Tilly, Bella, Millie, Scarlett, Cate, Jess



Title: NanoDentistRobot – Using DNA origami technology to regenerate enamel

School: Liverpool Life Sciences UTC

Students: Selma



Title: Earth Observation – Glacier Melt

School: Mullion School

Students: Lily & David



Title: How satellites can help us clean up our rivers

School: Mullion School

Students: Arthur



Title: Plastic in gull pellets

School: Mullion School

Students: Christopher, Seth & Richard



Title: Cosmic Mining

School: Dover Grammar School

Students: Joseline, Aimee, Divya & Corvus



Title: What is the impact of increased forest fires in Australia?

School: Silverdale School

Students: Noah, Elizabeth & Liora



Title: Observation of Kilauea volcano, Hawaii

School: St Wilfrid’s Catholic High School & Sixth Form

Students: Esme & Harry



Title: Observing the presence of Penguin colonies in the Antarctic

School: St Wilfrid’s Catholic High School & Sixth Form

Students: Benjamin & Poppy



Title: Big Data: ATLAS – Proving the Existence of the Higgs Boson

School: The Tiffin Girls’ School

Students: Ayda, Soniya & Phoebe



Title: Cosmic Mining: Wolf-Rayet Stars

School: Woodford County High School

Students: Tahrim, Izm, Syeda, Pranavi & Nabeeha



Title: How does ITCZ affect grasslands in South Sudan?

School: Forge Valley School

Students: Isobel, Alfie & Hannah



Title: DNA Origami – Applications in therapeutic medicine

School: Altrincham Grammar School for Boys

Students: Arya & Nisala



Title: Evaluating using ionic liquids to inhibit bacterial growth

School: Dixons Sixth Form Academy

Students: Dhara, Rain & Laibah



Title: Ionic Liquids Investigating Antimicrobial ability

School: King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys

Students: Hassan, Oliver, Omar & Anthony



Title: DNA Origami Investigating the potential of different programs

School: Kingsdale Foundation School

Students: John, Simon & Leila



Title: DNA Origami for Targeted Drug Delivery Systems

School: Lady Manners School

Students: Caleb, Hattie, Callum & Thea



Title: Triethylammonium Hydrogen Sulphate as a green catalyst

School: North West Regional College

Students: Caoimhe, Evie & Hannah



Title: Greener Fragrances esterification reactions with Ionic Liquids

School: Our Lady’s Grammar School, Newry

Students: Aisling, Sarah, Mia, Sophie & Aisling



Title: Ionic liquids and antibiotics- do they work together?

School: Dixons Sixth Form Academy

Student: Hanin