IRIS & UK Space Agency launch MELT


April 2018

With growing concern over the rate of polar Ice cap melting and its impact on our natural world, IRIS has joined forces with the UK Space Agency to develop MELT, a series of research projects for young scientists while in school. Through MELT, IRIS offers an interactive way for students to explore our changing world.


Following training, students  from UK schools can annotate satellite images from SENTINEL-1 or use the latest data to calculate calving rates of glaciers. The IRIS team will work in collaboration with Dr Anna Hogg, research lead at the Leeds University and the Centre for Polar Observation and Modelling on this element of MELT.


Young researchers can also complete a carbon usage audit of their school using a bespoke online calculator.


Note: Since the launch of MELT, the project has evolved into three separate, successful research efforts in schools: Carbon Researchers, Earth Observation and Treezilla.