Two boys smiling at camera, wearing IRIS Buttons at Greener Fragrances event in November 2023

Queen’s University chemistry conference smells like teen spirit

November 2023

Students from seven schools across Northern Ireland attended lectures and shared their research with their peers and chemists at Queen’s University Belfast’s (QUB) School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering as part of the IRIS Greener Fragrances project.


In the lectures, Dr Johanne Brolly of the Royal Society of Chemistry discussed the important role chemists play in solving challenges faced around the world. Professor Gosia Swadzba-Kwasny, director of the university’s QUILL Research Centre talked to students about the applications of ionic liquids and the latest research.

As part of the project, students have been investigating ionic liquids’ role in helping create greener fragrances for personal care products and food flavourings. Ionic Liquids: Towards Greener Fragrances, a collaboration between the University and IRIS, funded by a Royal Society of Chemistry Outreach Grant. The project was designed to give young people a different perspective on chemistry by allowing them to experience the creativity of scientific research.


A special thank you to Kevin Morgan and his team at QUB for hosting a great day which inspired the next generation of chemists.


Thanks also to the teachers and students from Abbey Christian Boys School, Belfast Boys’ Model School, Belfast High School, North West Regional College (NWRC), Southern Regional College, St Malachys High School, and St Malachys College.


IRIS and Queens University Belfast have been shortlisted for a Times Higher Education award


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