Our conferences are an ideal opportunity for IRIS students to share their research with their peers from other schools and the wider academic community.


The experience strengthens self-confidence, builds communication skills and fosters collaboration with like-minded individuals.

IRIS Student Conferences 2024

Tuesday, 18 June – South
Thursday, 20 June – North
Tuesday, 25 June – London

IRIS Student Conferences 2023


More than 400 students travelled to venues in London, Manchester and Exeter to share their research with peers and the wider scientific community. They stunned us with their ability communicate at a high-level, across a wide range of subjects. They proved, once again, the capability and promise of young people when given the chance to discover science through authentic research.


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Have you got research to share?


While most students that take part in our conferences are associated with IRIS, we extend the opportunity to other UK schools too. If your students, aged 14 to 18, have a research project they want to share, we would love to hear about it.


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Top posters of all time


As part of conference, students develop an academic poster showcasing their research. Here’s a few of the top posters young resarchers have submitted to conference over the years.

Subject: Analysis of infrared spectra to classify sources, and identify targets for James Webb telescope
School: Goldolphin and Latymer

Subject: Getting the scoop on vanilloids
School: Camborne Science and International Academy

Subject: Investigating distribution and transfer of ocean plastics through tropic levels
School: Camborne Science and International Academy

Subject: Penguin poo from space
School: Stirling High School

Subject: Personal assitant app for dementia
School: Lady Eleanor Holles School

Subject: Tracking Thwaites glacier
School: Asker videregående skole

Subject: An Analysis of Planetary Nebulae and the Location of Their Turning Points
School: Bohunt Sixth Form